a modern eatery inspired
by the people of Bali and Indonesia.
The myriad tropical ingredients which make the island's cuisine so exciting.
Welcome to
ginger moon Canteen
A Bali icon with its buzzing dining rooms an absolute first and last stop for Bali holiday makers, and for so many there are meals in between.
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open 12-11 pm everyday
Jl. Kayu Aya No. 7 Seminyak Kuta

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our bali your bali


Best modern Asian restaurant in the heart of Seminyak, Bali

“Where in Bali?” Seminyak, and especially “Eat Street”,
is the hub of Bali’s renowned dining scene
and our Modern Asian Canteen is at its heart. 

An air-conditioned oasis on an otherwise bustling street, Ginger Moon is a warm
and welcoming restaurant, and from the moment you are greeted, our friendly
and professional service team with their naturally caring Balinese hospitality, make even the most weary of travelers feel at home.


Modern Asian canteen inspired by the flavourS of bali and asia.

A modern eatery inspired by the people of Bali and Indonesia, and the myriad tropical ingredients which make the island’s cuisine so exciting.

Highlights from our menu

King Prawn Dumplings
King prawn dumplings, ginger, spring onion
Peking Duck
Peking duck, pancakes, spring onions, cucumber, plum hoi sin sauce
Rice Noodles
Garlic prawns, fish cake, tofu, tamarind, peanuts, egg, herbs
Ayam Betutu”
“Ayam Betutu” -smoky chicken, cassava leaves
Fried pork dumplings
Fried pork dumplings, wom bok, celery – ginger, red vinegar
Salad of prawns
Salad of prawns, pork floss, pineapple, coconut, pomelo, cucumber, kenari, lime
Fried rice “BBQ pork ribs”
Fried rice “BBQ pork ribs” babi guling, sausage, crackersFried rice “BBQ pork ribs” babi guling, sausage, crackers
Flying Fish
“Flying fish” - crispy freshwater fish, vegetable peanut salad, sambal, soy
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Ginger Moon Canteen
Lunch & Dinner


“Set on Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Ginger Moon is a warm and welcoming eatery serving modern Asian cuisine made by myriads of fresh local-grown ingredients.”


"That's the flavours of Bali”

"I think guests like the fact that you can still recognise the food, it is Indonesian influenced but it's still recognisable I haven't hidden it so much that no one knows what they're eating" Dean says. And that's reflected in the menu - Bali on a plate, with all the twists and turns you'd expect from a chef like Dean - beef Rendang pizza that'll set you back just $9 and there is Dean's babi guling bun. "That's the flavours of Bali, the flavours of Bali is exactly what it is, it's not even the flavours of Indonesia, it's so indigenous to here" Rob says.

Rob Broadfield – Food Editor – The Western Australian

"Ginger Moon Canteen presents a modern face of Asian cuisine”

With a history of restaurant openings, Keddell is highly imaginative, and his influence extends beyond the kitchen and into the restaurant design itself – so that everything flows seamlessly into a relaxed and pleasurable dining experience.

Alison - Lets Eat Magazine

“A long-term presence in Sydney restaurant”

Dean Keddell, a long-term presence in Sydney restaurant kitchens has been in Bali seven years, but only recently opened modern Asian eatery Ginger Moon.

It is already getting some promising reviews, so put it on the growing list of places to visit.

“Best Small Restaurant” & “Bali’s Best Chef”

Bali Restaurant and Bar Awards winner for 5 years in a row - “Best Asian Restaurant” & “Best Fusion Restaurant”.

Top 40 2 years running